Private Dinners

Dinners from 1 - 20 people

Customize your private dinner party for any occasion.  From a romantic dinner party of 2, to a big, blowout celebration dinner party for 20, I can customize your special dinners to your specific needs.

Prices vary based on size of party and menus.


  • Consultation and menu development

  • Food shopping

  • Wine pairing available 

  • Production and Preparation

  • Serving and hiring appropriate staff

  • Cooking and serving dinner in your home

  • Cleaning up

Prepared Meals

Prepared Meals

Private Chef Services

Are you looking for a full or part-time Private Chef for your household? My private chef services include:

  •     Prepare and serve daily meals, following specific dietary requirements

  •     Plan, develop, organize and implement menus for all snacks, lunches and             dinners

  •     Handle all kitchen cleanliness, kitchen inventory and grocery shopping for         household

  •     Shop for and order food, kitchen supplies, household items and equipment

  •     Plan and prepare food for parties, holidays, luncheons, special functions,             and other social events


Overhaul your life with Chef Jenn!  

Are you in need of an eating transformation?  Are you sick of feeling awful all the time? It might be time for a eating overhaul and a “me” makeover, to help you get back to the “badass” self you are! 

Processed, GMO and non organic foods can do a lot of damage to the body, add stress, lack of sleep and no exercise and thats a recipe for disaster... Let the Chef Jenn team help tweak your life with:

  • Easy to follow eating and lifestyle plans.

  • Meal plans for your new lifestyle 

  • Grocery shopping assistance and selecting the right foods for your budget

  • Learning what are GMO’s, organics and other superfoods and what they can do for your body

  • Learn about how eating vegetarian/vegan meals can help your body and reduce aliments.

  • In person or through Zoom/FaceTime Call. 


Cooking Classes

Learn how to be a bad ass chef in your own kitchen and your friends and family will talk about your meals for a lifetime!  

Whether you're looking for a vibrant, live cooking show for your next event, private hands-on cooking lessons in your home or you need to make some changes to your diet and you are looking for guidance and inspiration, our cooking classes are a fun, unique, and affordable way to learn how to cook and enjoy the company of friends, family, or co-workers.  

Cooking classes will be customize to your needs and will include

  • Development of the cooking class

  • Grocery shopping

  • Hands-on preparation at your location

  • Clean up

  • Recipe books for everyone 

Chef Consulting in Person or via Zoom

Do you own a restaurant or a food related business and not seeing the revenue you want? Is your back of the house kitchen chaos and needs a better flow of service? Is your menu not performing well, or do you need help creating menu items that will blow your customers away? 

Is Social media not your thing and need help creating eye catching, grab the audience kind of posts to promote and take your business to the next level?

Contact the Chef Jenn team and we will come to the rescue! 

Prepared Meals

Do you ever dream that you would come home after a long day and poof, dinner is perfectly prepared, just waiting for you in your fridge?  Yes, dreams can come true.. The Chef Jenn team can prepare personal meals for you and your family.. Chef Jenn will discuss your preferences including likes/dislikes, any food allergies/sensitivities, dietary needs and the frequency of your personal prepared meals.

We will grocery shop, prepare your meals, deliver them to your door and the only thing you have to do is take the meals out of your fridge, heat according to instructions and scarf down that deliciousness! Boom!  

Price includes: (All meal plans vary on quantity, ingredients and number of people)

  • Meal consultation and Menu Development

  • Grocery shopping

  • Food and meal preparation

  • Delivery

* Containers are extra and can be reused - glass or plastic, your choice 

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